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Whiskey Bar Wednesday: Baltimore Spirits Company

Time to Highlight a fun new haunt! This Whiskey Bar is a great place whether you need a drink after work or you want to meet up for a first date. A trip to the Baltimore Spirits Company is a good place if you both like whiskey and you want to learn something. The company offers tours and tastings as well as just cocktails at the bar.

If you want to learn and check out how a small distillery does it, I suggest the tour. You get the chance to understand your process and interact with other people. It's always good to learn how your alcohol is made!

Post Tour, get to tasting! It's fun to taste and sip rye whiskey. You have the option to add some water or drink water in between. I usually go for adding a bit of water into my whiskey to open it up and then leave it sit. You also use the tasting to create your own blend! See what you like and mix it together. They create a small little bottle of your blend. It's unique to you!

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