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Let's go to the Bar: Fadensonnen

Time to leave my apartment and see something new. Sometimes a girl just needs to switch up the environment. This week, I spread out and let for parts unknown aka another neighborhood in Baltimore. Tucked away in Charles Village, I visited Fadensonnen. This Wine and Sake bar provides inside and outside dining.

Cocktail Review: for the cocktails, I only had one this gin spritz with mint and raspberry. It's a great spring cocktial and I love the smell of mint! It was a beautiful little flower. I will say for myself it got a bit sweet with the raspberry at the end. Definitely need some water with this one! I love a good spritz especially at a wine bar.

My second drink was a glass of rose, it was another perfect spring moment. Nothing like a good glass of wine either inside or outside!

Place Review: I thought it was a great space! I loved the vibe of indoor and outdoor. The lighting did make a big difference. It's very dim at night if you are inside! Having multiple spaces let you try different vibes, there are two bars one on the first level and one on the second.

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