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Beloved deserves a great cocktail

Sometimes you need a cocktail with a book and a chill day. This one is a classic! I like a good soda on the weekend cause you can drink but not have a hangover the next day. It's a simple cocktail to drink and enjoy whether you are outside or inside. Have a drink and sit and read with me!

Beloved Tequila don't do me Wrong

Tequila Soda


2 oz Botanical Tequila

1 oz Lime Juice

1/2 oz Simple Syrup

1 dash of Purple Glitter

Top with Sparkling Water or Club Soda

Garnish: Lime Wedge

Recipe: In a cocktail shaker with ice, pour tequila, lime juice, and dash of purple glitter. Close and shake until cold. Strain into a highball glass with ice. Top with Sparkling Water or Club Soda. Garnish with a lime wedge.

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