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Pineapples and Whiskey

One of my coolest thoughts was what would it be like to smoke a pineapple. Now I'm not a chef nor do I own a smoker but I just thought the smell and taste would be amazing. So I bought a pineapple and brought it over to my parents house and handed it over to my dad because he would not trust (nor should he really) me to smoke a pineapple without screwing it up or screwing up his smoker.

A little Pineapple is alright

Whiskey cocktail


2 1/2 oz Bourbon whiskey

2 oz Pineapple juice

1/2 oz Lime Juice

Three dashes of Cherry Bitters

Garnish: Smoked pineapple slice and large ice cube

Recipe: To smoke a pineapple, I cut off the head and the bottom of the pineapple. Then split in half. I covered the inside (fruit side) with hot honey (mine is ghost pepper because I'm insane). Then started the smoker with cherry chips to get the heat started. When it was hot, I put the pineapple leave side on the grill rack and let it smoke for an hour. When it was done, I let it rest for at least an hour (wait for the pineapple to cool down). You can also just put it in the fridge and cut it up the next day. For this recipe, I only needed one half so I left the other for another recipe (look for that soon!) and chopped up the half into rough sections. Those pieces I put in my ninja blender like a smoothie. After a first run to get the pineapple juice, I then added the bourbon and the bitters and a little lime juice. This became my alcoholic smoothie that I drank over ice with a pineapple slice garnish. This cocktail is refreshing with a hit of spice to keep you awake. Perfect for when you want to have a fun health day or need a tropical escape. This cocktail takes time but is worth it!

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