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City Views and City Vibes: The Kennedy Center

This past weekend, I went to the Kennedy Center in DC for an event. It's been a while since I went to the Kennedy Center and I forgot how beautiful the place is. You don't have to go to the Kennedy Center only if you have show tickets, they actually have a bar that is open to the public.

Let's be real here: The Kennedy Center is a vibe. On a beautiful day, you can go to the outdoor deck and check the water view. It's perfect for a cocktail hour before a show. You can also hit up the wine bar that they have next to the center. The bar is FREE to the public and has a great space to hang out and spy on the people in between shows. You still get the view and you don't have to spend your evening in a theatre trying to understand a performance.

FYI: The Kennedy Center now has sippy cups. When you purchase a cocktail, beer, wine or soda, you can get a sippy cup so that you are able to take it into the theater. They have multiple sizes so my tiny one is great for wine! This is my Prosecco cup. You can keep the cup afterwards! And bring it back next time for a discount (which might look silly but I'm here for the bargain!). I'm keeping mine and my mom's sippy cups for the next time we go.

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