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A Date Night with Low Light: Bluebird in Hamden

This week I'm sharing another Baltimore bar. This cocktail bar is great for drinks and snacks. It comes with a fun vibe good for a catch up session or a night out cocktail with a date or partner. While Bluebird is always popping off at the weekend nights, I actually like to go for an early drink. It's a bit quieter and relaxed. Plus it's lighter so the menu is easy to read.

Follow the Sign! The Bar is a great vibe with cocktails and light eats. The decor is really where it hits. Outside there are a couple swings outside to sit on and watch the neighborhood. Then you go inside and upstairs to the cocktail bar.

Well when it hits, it hits. This champagne cocktail was delicious and beautiful! It paired nicely with the fried green tomatoes.

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