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You got me all in the Brunch feelings

Brunch to me means day drinking and waffles. The only reason to get up and get dressed on the weekend is because of brunch. Now with the pandemic, I'm doing brunch at home and I don't have to get dressed up. So still definitely a win. In this post, I've included my favorite brunch cocktails to give you weekend inspiration and maybe inspire you to brunch at home.

Can you believe these women?

Champagne Spritz


Top with Blanc de Blanc Champagne 🍾

1 oz Orange Juice

1 oz Campari

Recipe: In a wine glass (preferably stemless), muddle an orange slice. In a shaker with ice, pour orange juice and Campari. Shake until cold and pour into the wine glass. Top with champagne.

The Bloodiest Bloody Mary

Vodka cocktail


2 oz Vodka

3 oz Tomato juice

3 dashes of Tabasco hot sauce

One dash of old bay

Garnish: pickled okra/green beans and bacon

Recipe: In a Highball glass, pour vodka, tomato juice and dashes of tabasco hot sauce and old bay. Stir. Add ice and garnishes. Optional: do an old bay rim around the top of the highball glass.

Pro Tip: Use this cocktail as a great way to deal with hangovers and also make it a batch of it for friends the day after you have a party or night out. It'll help your friends recover and get brunch with you!

Blood Orange Mimosas




Blood Orange juice

Recipe: Pour blood orange juice in a flute glass (I prefer stemless for brunch) and then top with Prosecco.

Pro Tip: You can always switch the sparkling wine based on your taste (prosecco being sweetest, champagne midrange, cava driest, and other sparkling wines based on fruit and country).

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