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Spritzing on the Best

What rhymes with Friday? Rose Spritz of course. This spritz combines the orange citrus and pineapple mint with French rose for a simple and refreshing cocktail. This cocktail is perfect for a sunny Sunday where you are just chilling at home and want to enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

Spritzing on Summer

Rose Spritz


3 oz French Rose

Two Orange Slices

Three leaves of Pineapple Mint

Garnish: Mint and Orange

Recipe: In a wine glass or pitcher, muddle mint and orange slices. Add ice then rose. For a pitcher, triple the amount of mint and orange (so it's about one orange and a bunch of pineapple mint). Also pour the whole bottle of rose in the pitcher. For a glass, this is nice if you aren't going to drink too much wine and just want to up the ante on the flavors. If you don't have pineapple mint, just use fresh mint. It will change the strength of the mint and the flavor so choose a mint that you like and a wine that works with it. For me, I prefer a light wine and mint flavor so that neither overpowers.

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