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Sometimes you just need Pie

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

I am not a big dessert cocktail person unless it's for date night but I wanted to make a fun and festive shot for when all my family gathers for the holidays. It's going to be a mix of people so why not have some shots? I kind of love the idea of presenting shots for guests right when they arrive. It's like welcome to my home let's get lit. For this year, I did moonshine shots because you can chill the bottle of moonshine in your freezer and the flavors are appropriately pecan pie and apple pie. This is the most simple cocktail I have ever made because it is literally just pouring chilled moonshine into a shot glass that has a graham cracker rim. The rim is actually the only work being down. For that, crush up a graham cracker (or more depending on how many shots you are doing) and put it on a plate. The shot glass can be moistened by a lime or lemon (I prefer lime for this one). Just take a half a squeeze lime and wet the top of the glass. Then dip the wet glass into the graham cracker crumbs. Pour in your moonshine and you are good to go! Simple, festive and effective.

PRO Tip: These shots can be potent. It's strong moonshine so encourage people to sip more that straight shoot it. If you want to encourage sipping, you can put the moonshine into a rocks glass or larger shot glass so people take their time.

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