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Mocking my Raspberry Today

Another week, another #MocktailMonday this week I'm using my spring time raspberries. I like to have fruit daily and this raspberry mocktail is perfect for a spring change up. You add in the citrus with the fruit to get something that makes something more. Raspberry, lemon, lemon balm, and a little bubbles makes a fun mocktail to enjoy on a chill Monday.

Raspberry Vibes



Four Raspberries

1 oz Lemon juice

1/2 oz Simple Syrup

Six leaves of Lemon Balm

Top with Sparkling Water

Garnish: Raspberries

Recipe: In a cocktail shaker, muddle raspberries, lemon balm, and simple syrup. Add ice. Then pour lemon juice. Shake well and pour into a coupe glass. Top with Sparkling Water. Garnish with raspberries. This mocktail is a perfect spring and summer drink. It's delightful and light.

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