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Maltese Falcon Cocktail

It's book and bourbon this Friday night. We can't always go out. This cocktail is a perfect hit of strength and seduction just like the woman in the Maltese Falcon. Grab your book and your cocktail glass cause this is a good one!

Maltese Falcon

Bourbon Cocktail


2 oz Bourbon

1/2 oz All Spice Dram

1 oz Blood orange juice

Three dashes of Orange Bitters

Garnish: Blood Orange Peel

Recipe: In a cocktail mixing glass, pour bourbon, all spice, and blood orange juice. Dash in bitters. Stir quickly. Strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a blood orange peel. Sip and read! This cocktail is strong but is also perfect for when you want to settle in and read. You can drink it slowly and have a snack.

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