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It's a Bar and It's got Style

Some days, you just have to show off. This week I'm showing off Clavel. It's fun, it's got great cocktails and it's primed to be a perfect date night spot.

It's immediately unassuming from the outside with only this small neon sign calling your attention to highlight the bar inside.

First up, the Mezcalita-a margarita with mezcal. Perfectly smoky and strong this cocktail is a great way to start if you were like me and had to wait in the waiting room prior to being seated. The waiting room is their little store set up in the same building, it's a great way to keep your customers around for a table and to start the experience.

This is a super spicy margarita, I asked for extra spice to see what they would do with it. They made a great spiced rim with tamarind providing a nice color. And the margarita had a great kick which you could smell immediately which to me is everything.

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