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If it's a punch you want, it's a punch you are going to get

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

I love a good punch. It's a party drink that you can make as a single person or for a whole group. Plus for large gatherings, it's a way to provide refreshment without constantly handling orders. Just make the punch and have it there. This fall festive punch is perfect for fall gatherings whether they are parties or just a little gathering. Plus I like to make this punch for movie marathons because it's refreshing and also isn't so much about the alcohol that you have trouble standing when the movie is over.

Falling Apple Punch

Alcoholic Punch

Ingredients for one cocktail

2 oz Apple Cider

2 oz Apple Liqueur (this can be apple brandy or apple whiskey)

3 oz (approx) Ginger Ale

Garnish: Apples

Recipe: This is a super simple cocktail if you are doing one cocktail or a punch. It's a three step process: pour the liqueur, then the cider, and top with ginger ale. For a large batch, I would do equal amount of apple liqueur and apple cider and then just enough ginger ale (maybe have some supporting ginger ale on the side). I made this cocktail for just me as an experiment but it definitely can be upped for a party. If you want a stronger hit, reduce the cider and ginger ale. If you want the punch sans alcohol, add a little lime with your apple cider and ginger ale. This punch is perfect!

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