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I'm feeling Spritzed and Blitzed

A white wine spritz is a summer staple. It's also a perfect cocktail to transition into the fall as it helps you drink while also cutting down on the alcohol and the calories to fit into those skinny jeans again. My take is to help me enjoy white wine while also feeling light. I like to add the acidity of lemon juice to help change the wine and also to move from my favorite way to drink sparkling wine.

I'm a little basic

White Wine spritz


2 oz Pinot Grigio

1/2 oz Lemon juice

1 (or more) oz Sparkling water

Garnish: Lemon slice

Recipe: I love this cocktail for not really being a cocktail. All you have to do is squeeze a little lemon juice into a cocktail shaker with some white wine with ice. Then pour into a wine glass and top with sparkling water. The key here is to have the lemon slice in the glass before you pour the wine cocktail in. Then add the desired sparkling water. A perfect easy cocktail that is great for a tea party or any occasion. It's simple and delicious.

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