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Friday Night in the City

There's nothing quite like a rooftop view. This week, I'm sharing a neighborhood spot that I think people forget about because they don't understand that Baltimore actually has a beautiful skyline.

Nestled in the Hotel Revival in the Mount Vernon neighborhood, this rooftop bar is not just a hotel bar. It's a nice cocktail bar with views and vibes. When I go, I tend to go for their old fashioned (go figure) but each cocktail is well balanced and pretty to taste.

If you are looking for a date night spot or a space to gather friends and family, this bar is a perfect place to have a drink or dinner. The best time is on a night where it's clear, the bar has city views on three sides so you can showcase the beauty of Baltimore and bring up the different neighborhoods.

If you haven't yet, hit up Topside. I mean they even have ice cubes with their name imprinted on it!

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