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Date Night In Baltimore

Cocktails and Friday night speaks to me. I like to go out once a week with a friend or with a significant other to give me a night off from making my own cocktails and mocktails. It's also a place where I get inspiration to play around with flavors and get ideas for my future cocktails and mocktails. This week I'm sharing one of my favorite local spots in Baltimore: Sugarvale.

Sugarvale in Mount Vernon

Cocktail: Old Fashioned

Cocktail: Manhattan

Review: The Happy Hour at Sugarvale is lit! This local spot provides a combo of classic cocktails and also fresh takes. Each cocktail is perfectly strong. It's a small bar with a group of customers that clearly go regularly. It's not a place to have a deep conversation but it's perfect for a nightcap or a happy hour to start the night. The cocktails are great and the bartenders clearly know what they are doing. As a local bar, it's like a pretty version of your favorite dive bar.

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