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Autumn has arrived

Fall is my favorite season. I love the introduction of sweaters, leaves falling, pumpkin seeds, apple picking, horror movie marathons, and Halloween. To me the weather is perfect when it gets a little colder and way more fun.

To start us off, I have to start with a great bourbon cocktail. It's a great entree into fall weather with dark liqueur. Bourbon pairs well with fall notes like fall fruits (pears, apples, and dark berries). It also warms the body quickly which works for chilly fall evenings.

Watching the leaves fall

Bourbon manhattan


2 oz Bourbon

1 oz Sweet Vermouth

1 oz Pear Liqueur

Three dashes of whiskey barrel bitters

Garnish: Maraschino cherries

Recipe: In a mixing glass, pour bourbon, sweet vermouth, pear liqueur, and bitters. Stir and pour into a chilled coupe glass. Add cocktail sticker with maraschino cherries.

Sitting by the fire

Vodka Martini


2 oz Chocolate Vodka

1 oz Blood Orange liqueur

1 1/2 oz Skim Milk

Squeeze of an orange wedge

Garnish: Cinnamon sugar rim

Recipe: In a shaker with ice, pour chocolate vodka, blood orange liqueur, orange juice, skim milk, and a dash of cinnamon. Rim a chilled martini glass with cinnamon and sugar. Shake cocktail shaker until cold. Pour into the martini glass and enjoy!

Bats out at Night

Moonshine cocktail


2 oz Moonshine

1 oz Applejacks liqueur

Three dashes of Whiskey barrel bitters

2 oz Ginger Ale

Garnish: Apple Slice

Recipe: In a shaker with ice, pour moonshine, applejacks liqueur, and barrel bitters. Shake until cold. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with an apple slice. Top with Ginger Ale.

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