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An Aperol Old Fashioned

This Aperol twist on a bourbon old fashioned adds a bit more orange flavor which I say is never wrong. I mean I'm a little biased but also not wrong. This cocktail also pairs perfectly with whatever is on your table. Whether it's a big meal or a light snack. It's a perfect sipping cocktail.

She's a little Twisted

Bourbon Old Fashioned


2 oz Bourbon

1/2 oz Aperol

1/2 oz Orange Juice

1 Sugar Cube

3 dashes of Orange bitters

Garnish: Orange Slice

Recipe: In an old fashioned glass, muddle sugar cube and orange bitters. In a mixing glass, pour bourbon, aperol, and orange juice. Stir quickly. Pour over a large ice cube (or whatever ice you have) in the old fashioned glass. Garnish with an orange slice. Enjoy!

PRO Tip: Let me explain the importance of a large ice cube as a bourbon drinker, the ice cube melts slowly so it opens the bourbon. If you like bourbon and drink it regularly at home, I would suggest buying large ice cube trays that you can put in your freezer. If you're someone who is just going to try to make cocktails once in a while, it may not be worth it to you. It's more about use and taste.

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