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Wives and Daughters: A Family Romance Cocktail

So I have begun my March reading list with Wives and Daughters. This book has been on my mind since I watched North and South in period piece mood. I honestly prefer to read period pieces than watch them because it gives me a chance to use my imagination. For this cocktail, I'm hitting the romance and the escapism. Something that is both dreamy and powerful. This martini plays with romance and also is totally delicious.

Cherries for the Wives and Daughters



2 oz Cherry Vodka

3/4 oz Elderflower liqueur

1 oz Lime Juice

1/2 oz Simple Syrup

Recipe: This is a twist of one of my favorite sparkling waters actually. In a cocktail shaker with ice, pour all the ingredients and give it a nice shake. Pour into a chilled martini glass. This cocktail is perfectly potent so you won't feel overwhelmed with alcohol but also don't miss out on getting a little tipsy. You might be like girl where's the book? Check out below! She's a beauty but also way bigger and made the cocktail look a little too teeny.

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