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To the core

Core workouts are my favorite and least favorite exercise. I love how they help me stay fit and strong but they are also a lot of work and painful. This is why I keep them short and sweet. I find that I have to schedule the core workouts on days where I have more work to do. It's a great way to get a little sweat equity. I like to burn it off in the middle of the day or when I've hit a wall and need to let my brain escape but not for as long as when I go for a run.

Prior to the pandemic, I was a big twice a week pilates girl. I loved the way that the workout helps me to stay focused with quick movements, burn fat, and work on my core without setting the specific iteration to do core work. I still keep that in mind when I do core workouts at home. I put my headphones on (or AirPods) play some music and do quick workouts that transition moves within a minute. I find that the right playlist helps to make it a fun workout and something where my brain focuses on the beat and less on the pain.

Even though I'm stuck homebound and missing the group studio experience, there are definite benefits. I focus more on my body and what it says and less on what other people are doing. I think that comparison that comes from the studio environment can motivate you but if you focus too much on the external, you can miss out on the internal benefit. When you are doing any workout, you should workout for you. No one else is in your body. You have to listen to your body and what hurts and what needs to be pushed. I remember back on one of my last times at my old studio. It was in a yoga class and my instructor was asking us to do a certain pose. I was trying to do it and felt a pain and she whispered to me that it was ok. She helped me think about what part of my body was experiencing the pain and how I could change the pose. This tailored experience made me feel validated and not pressured. It was a reminder that your body is something to think of when you workout.

Core Workouts are a bitch. They hurt your stomach and feel like death when you get started but if you tailor the experience to your ability and your body they can get better. Core is a crucial part of you. It protects your vital organs and helps you stand. You need a strong core to feel confident. So start small and try out different exercises to help you. Put on a fun music mix and dance around. Let your brain enjoy the experience instead of hating it. That's the first step to making it a habit.

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