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Tinto de Verano-Tastes a Bit Like College Sangria

This Tinto de verano is a perfect afternoon drink. It's light and break. It's basically a fun red wine spritz that's perfect for sitting out in the end of summer when it's still warm out but not too hot. It can also be easily upped to be a batch cocktail.

Tinto Me

Tinto De Verano


3 oz Spanish Red wine

1 oz Orange Juice

Top with Sprite (Lemon Lime Soda)

Recipe: In a mixing glass, pour wine and orange juice. Stir. Pour into a wine glass. Top with Sprite or other lemon lime soda. This is to your taste, if you don't like sugar don't add to much soda. I prefer a little less sugar and just want the little bubbles so I did about an ounce.

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