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Thirsty to Fly

One of my favorite classy cocktails is the Aviator. This gin martini is a little complicated but also overwhelmingly delicious. I honestly thank Ryan Reynolds for reinvigorating this cocktail to sell his Gin line. It's a lovely cocktail that became famous for being around the time where the Wrights brothers were doing that flying thing. This is a gin martini with a few interesting flavors that helps the cocktail look and feel fancy but also can be totally applicable to whatever dinner party you are hosting!

The Aviator

Gin Martini


2 oz Gin

3/4 oz Creme de Violette (Violet Liqueur)

1/2 oz Luxardo Cherry Liqueur

1 oz Lemon Juice

1/2 oz Simple Syrup

Garnish: Lemon Twist and Luxardo Cherry

Recipe: Anything fancy means you have a bunch of liqueurs that all add up to a cocktail. This cocktail takes a cocktail shaker with some ice and then pour it all in. You pour the liqueur first then the citrus and the simple syrup. Give it a nice shake. Then pour into a chilled coupe glass or martini glass. You garnish with a lemon twist and a cherry. It's perfect for when you want to make your guests impressed with your skill but don't want to put that much work into it. A simple delight that also tastes delightful.

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