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Strawberry Tini is Mocktail Girly

Strawberry tini is a mocktail top choice. Strawberry and Lime is a perfect combination. It's great for springtime and the added cucumber adds a bit of hydration. This mocktail won't make you miss the alcohol and is perfect for a little at home tea party/garden party situation. It keeps you refreshed and pairs excellently with light snacks.

Strawberry Tini



Top with Sparkling Water

1/2 oz Simple Syrup

Three Strawberries

1 small Cucumber

1 oz Lime Juice

Garnish: Strawberry

Recipe: Slice strawberries thinly (slice about three strawberries that are medium to small). Slice a small cucumber thinly (get about six small slices). In a cocktail shaker, Muddle strawberry slices and cucumber slices. Add simple syrup and lime juice. Then add ice. Give it a nice shake and strain into a coupe glass then top with sparkling water (it's about four to six ounces). You can also serve this in a highball glass with ice. Garnish with the strawberry.

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