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Something to be Thankful For

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Thanksgiving is like my least favorite holiday. I will be the first to admit it. I like the premise of spending time with family and friends and eating a delicious meal in the middle of the day. The only thing is...I hate Turkey. I have tried in vain for years to get into the turkey spirit to no avail. I absolutely hate it. I only begrudgingly eat it on Thanksgiving and I only really like it fried (it's like oysters to me, I need to fry it and add other things to make it edible). This year though, I'm determined to have a good time! I'm going to be acting as bartender for my family so I had to create a thanksgiving themed cocktail to put me in the spirit.

Thankful for Turkey

Old Fashioned


1 oz Bourbon Whiskey

1 oz Apple liqueur

1/2 oz All Spice Dram

1/2 oz Orange juice

Three dashes of Angostura bitters

Garnish: Orange Slice and luxardo cherry

Recipe: For this delightful and festive cocktail, it's important to do it in two parts. In your mixing glass you want to pour the whiskey, apple liqueur, and all spice dram. In the old fashioned glass, it's important to muddle your sugar cube, orange slice, and dashes of bitters. This gives you all the sugar. Once you are done, muddling you can add your ice cube. Then pour from your mixing glass. You can add the garnish of your luxardo cherry if you're feeling fancy.

PRO Tip: This is a perfect sipping cocktail. Great if you want to have a pre-meal cocktail or even when you're doing some light cooking and prepping for dinner. I personally like to have it as I set my table and put everything in order before dinner. It's nice to set the mood and always more fun to have a little buzz when people start coming over.

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