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Somebody say Lemonade?

When it gets to warmer weather, I feel like the drinks should be colder. One of my favorite summer drinks is lemonade so today I'm sharing how I like to make my lemonade (with vodka of course). This strawberry lemonade is perfect for a beautiful spring today or really any day when you are sitting out in the sunshine and enjoying a little peaceful moment.

Sunshine Saturday

Vodka Lemonade


Four Strawberries (Sliced into slivers)

1 1/2 oz Lemon juice

1 oz Simple Syrup

2 oz Vodka

Garnish: Strawberries

Recipe: This cocktail is beautiful for it's color (love the strawberry pink) and for it's simplicity. In a cocktail shaker, muddle strawberry slices and simple syrup. The syrup makes it easier to muddle strawberry slices (so less work on your part). After muddling, add ice then lemon juice and vodka. Give it a nice shake and hello cocktail! All you have to do is pour into your desired glass with some ice. I prefer a mason jar but any highball or tall glass works.

PRO Tip: Swap the vodka for your favorite spirit. I wouldn't recommend tequila because it would make it more of a salty lemonade but you couldn't use whiskey or gin or even white rum if that's your thing. This cocktail is very versatile and really is all about your taste and preference!

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