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Six Steps to Goth up your Nighttime Routine

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Step One: Set the Goth Mood

When I'm getting ready for bed or need a little extra time to get settled down, I light a candle or spray a scent that calms me down. I have so many perfumes and candles around my space that I'm incredibly flammable but I'm also very comfortable. The key is to surround yourself with scents that comfort you as an individual. Setting the vibe for self care. I will also put on a little music if I'm inclined. Usually my goth self just likes to listen to acoustic versions of metal and alternative singer songwriters, but you do you.

Step Two: Stretch it out

Stretching is key for taking care of your body and mind. If you take fifteen minutes a day, am or pm or increments in both, you will start to feel the effect and fee more relaxed.

Step Three: Skincare like you care

Skincare has become such a thing for wellness. I love to use face masks after I wash my face because it sets a limit for when I'm going to go to sleep. I like a good charcoal mask can really clear out all the disgustingness of the world.

Step Four: Get comfortable

What do you sleep in? I'm a pajamas girl but I know not everyone is. This step is to enforce that you need to be comfortable in your space and with yourself before you go to bed.

Step Five: Take a moment to thank your stars

I like to meditate before bed. Just a few seconds with my eyes closed and thanking the universe for the moment in time that I am in.

Step Six: Pass out in your black hole

Final step: Go to sleep. Get that rest. Forget the day and just sleep away.

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