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Refresh yourself with this refreshing cocktail

We had a cucumber overload at the house this weekend so I created a cocktail to capitalize on it. This cocktail pairs lime, cucumber, and blackberry flavors so it's lively and refreshing. Gin highballs are so easy and perfect for hot summer days. I highly recommend drinking this slowly and enjoying it with a nice book and a backyard or front yard view. It pairs well with appetizers and light food.

Cause I Cukes said so



2 oz gin

1 oz lime juice

1 oz creme de mure

1/2 oz simple syrup

Three Cucumber slices

Three Mint leaves

Club soda

Garnish: Cucumber ribbon

Recipe: in a shaker, muddle cucumber slices and mint leaves. Add ice and pour gin, lime juice, creme de mure, and simple syrup. Shake until cold. In a highball glass, place cucumber ribbon and add ice. Pour from cocktail shaker. Top with club soda.

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