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Mentally I'm a Munster

Mental Health in the framework of the Munsters is the topic this week. I wanted to find a way to frame mental health and wellness in the creepy sphere.

Have you ever watched the Munsters? It's a classic spooky television show of the 60s. It was part of the movement of weird people thinking normal people are weird. A bit of a social commentary on the times and the cultural popularity of different families. The Munsters and the Addams served as a combination of family sitcom and comedic take on the culture that supports the status quo as superior. As an adult, I found a home in watching these shows. It reminds me that I'm not alone in being a little weird and odd. I liked the sense of humor and joy.

The family dynamic also highlighted that love is blind. The beautiful blonde girl (a representation of the 60s female goals) doesn't see her family as anything but wonderful and beautiful. She doesn't follow in the footsteps of the people around her and becomes scared of them or worried about her life. She simply loves them and sees them as her family. In some ways this is the best part of the show. It teaches people to love without qualms and something I want to teach my kids to do. You should love your loved ones as they are and they should love you as you are.

As mental health becomes more of an honest conversation, I think we should all look at what we do, how we love, and focus on be an empathetic person in the world. We should love our uniqueness and create a sense of fun with our lives. Are we all Munsters? No, but we can learn from them. We can spend time with our family and practice love beyond reason. Spreading love is a great way to help one another and create safe spaces for each other.

Mentally, I know I can be Munster. I'm a little different, I'm a little goth, I'm a little me. I like to be different and myself. Overall, I find that when I try to be like other people, I lose out. I spent much of my time growing up trying to find myself. I tried to become what I thought people wanted. I acted like what I perceived was the goal. That was an unhealthy and inauthentic decision. People don't want what I think they want. They would prefer me to be myself and be true to you. I have to work every day to remind myself that I am enough and that my mental health should be a priority. I also make sure to listen to other people and practice empathy. We are all different and we need to come from a place of respect of equity and individuality.

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