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Make it an event: The Goth Way

Anything can be an event. In this day and age, the world has a lot of limitations on events. From big to small, the worry over the pandemic has created a number of restrictions and specifications for attending and working an event. These restrictions are valid: businesses and individuals have to consider the risk of a number of people in a space together and their vaccine status. This has created a social upheaval as a number of people do not like to be told to act or provide information about themselves. This is understandable as well as the business side is also understandable.

For myself, I plan to do some larger events this fall as well as host some private ones at my home. With this blog post, I'm going to share my tips to have events with a goth flavor.

Step 1: Add a little darkness

To add a little darkness, you need to add some spooky elements. Whether you are focused on adding black elements or like to showcase your skulls adding a little darkness will ultimately set the mood. At night, I like to light a few candles as the illumination because it gives a spooky twist and also creates a romantic vibe. For a daytime party, I like to add quirky items like skulls and witchy things. This adds a playful lightness.

Step 2: Be a little Spooky

This where the fun begins! When it comes to fall weather, I love to feel the spooky vibes. For events in autumn, I like to add touches of Halloween throughout. Sometimes I choose a specific theme for a party or I just have a few decorations abound the space. There is nothing like adding a spooky touch to make an event goth approved. We goths love the spooky elements as it makes us feel at home. Adding these elements will create a wonderful vibe and a mesmerizing presence.

Step 3: Have fun with it

The number one thing that you should focus on when hosting an event: have fun with it. It's a great idea that is often lost by the stress of throwing and planning an event. We get stuck in the small and forget all the beauty of an event. You are spending time with your loved ones or new people and in the moment. Be in the moment. Enjoy every inch of it. Have fun and be a part of the experience. Let everything go and have fun. Your guests will feel it and have a more enjoyable time because of that mentality.

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