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Lemon me Reintroduce myself

Lemons are one of the best citruses for cocktails. There is a variety of lemons from sweet to bitter with different colors and sizes for your cocktail taste. I like the tart and freshness of lemons and how it can instantly elevate a cocktail from being too sweet with flavor. This week I'm sharing my favorite lemon cocktail recipes and use different lemons. It's giving me a chance to test my lemon knowledge and taste test.

Traditional lemon cocktails include the Bees Knees and Lemon Drop. These cocktails allow lemons to shine as a solo player or with additional flavors. I like to mix sweet and sour so traditional lemon cocktails are my go to. It's also easy to change the cocktails up by adding champagne or changing the liquor choice.

Lemon based cocktails tend to start simple and then expand. Lemon can be used as a cocktail addition or the solo citrus. I like to use traditional sour lemons when I am doing my basic cocktails. When lemon isn't the base, I like to change up what kind of lemon I use.

Pink Lemons are great for lemon cocktails that just need a hint of sour. They add a little color as well so they stand out. That's a nice addition when you want to change the color a slight bit and increase the pink color. This is great for a pink cocktail like a cosmopolitan.

Pink lemon in a gin or vodka soda is to me a great lazy girl drink. It gets you tipsy and doesn't require a lot of work. It's a great cocktail for a cocktail before dinner or an easy cocktail to make when you have sudden guests or a quick need. It requires four things: pink lemons, gin/vodka, club soda, and ice. I tend to juice one lemon with two ounces of gin and then top with soda once I add the ice. I also like a straw because I want to keep stirring as I drink.

I also use pink lemons in more complex cocktails. I like them as an additive for my vodka martinis and also as a bourbon sour. Pink lemons have a twist of sour but can be reduced by the amount of sugar. I like to mix pink lemons with a little rose liqueur to make a cocktail have a strong pink color.

Myer Lemons are great lemons for cocktails. As a lemon or even just the rind, it can add a tart but sweet flavor to the cocktail. I love myer lemons for when I want my lemon base to be sweeter and brighter. This is great for a bourbon Bees Knees or a sweeter lemon drop. Myer Lemons are also great when you want your lemon cocktail but want to reduce the amount of sugar in your cocktail. Sometimes I find that cocktails can be overly sweet, so I use myer lemons instead of regular lemons/lemons for cooking and then reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe.

If you've read any of my posts or know me in person, you know I love my bourbon. I love the smoothness of bourbon. It's great if I've had a long day and need to unwind or if I just feel like a strong cocktail. I also love bourbon and lemon. Lemon helps to brighten bourbon up and balance the strong sugar that can be a bit overwhelming depending on the bourbon.

So get out there and get your lemon on this week! Trust me you won't regret changing it up.

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