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Is your Gut healthy?

Kombucha is life for me. I drink a little bit every day to keep me regulated. I can tell when I'm not drinking it and that's how I know it works. How do you keep your gut healthy?

I've tried many different fads. I did the Apple cider vinegar, the ginger tea, and the weird supplements. I want to make sure my body is running at the best shape. But mostly the stuff doesn't taste great and it's an added stress to your day. I think a lot of it is looking for a cure for your body as a quick fix or because it is trending. That's not helpful when looking for advice and guidance.

The best thing is to listen to your body. What does it need or want? For me, I learned that kombucha helps my stomach lining and helps with digestion. I just drink a small amount every day (usually in the morning). But I also listen to my body and consider other factors, like my body weight, my exercise levels, and stress. Stress is the hardest to manage because it requires a large amount of self-awareness and thought processing. We tend to not be the best reporters of stress because it's internalized. Our bodies are the biggest reactors of our stress. Hormone levels change and alter our mood, body processes, and functioning. Think about the last time you were having a tough time, did you eat like normal? Did you experience mood changes and fluctuations? How did you handle it? How did your stomach?

The best way to mitigate the stress effects on our body is to find defense mechanisms. Ways that we can recover from the recent stress and relax. I like to take a long walk or a run to get off my anxiety but I also will take the day slow and take account of my body. Does it need an easy day? Does it need time with a movie and a little wine?

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