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I'm falling for you, fall

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Some times I just get into a really good mood. When seasons transition, I just feel the warmth of the weather switch and the desire to change up my whole wardrobe. This week, I'm celebrating fall! A delightful romantic and strong cocktail that is perfect for cozy days. And totally fitting for the new change in cool weather that has sprung in over night (hallelujah).

A Warm Hug



2 oz Pecan Moonshine

1 oz Apple Liqueur

Four dashes of Spiced Cherry Bitters

Garnish: Luxardo Cherry

Recipe: This is an easy peasy one. In a mixing glass, pour all your ingredients. (if you want it a little sweeter add in some cherry juice from your cherry container). Give it a good stir and then pour into your coupe or martini glass. Simple and sweet but still as strong cocktail. I love this one because it puts me right in the fall mood: has the flavors, the punch, just all the good things.

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