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How to drink responsibly: Mocktails and Moderation

When I want to ensure moderation in my drinking, I make sure to count on a few things. First, I count my drinks. I know my limit of number of drinks before hangover and I make sure that I know how many drinks I'm on whether I'm ordering in a bar or sitting at home. I also add water. Making sure you are hydrated with water helps to reduce the need to down your alcoholic cocktail or drink. When you are hydrated, your body is better equipped to help you not reach a hangover and protect yourself from feeling the effects of alcohol. I also make sure I stick to my routine of tea before bed. I like to drink an herbal tea before settling in for the night. It's my signal to my body to relax and take some time for myself and also to get to a sleepy feeling.

The other way that I manage my moderation is with mocktails. Mocktails are a great way to enjoy the flavors of cocktails without the addition of alcohol. An excellent thing to have if you have guests who do not drink or would like a lighter fare for the evening. My favorite mocktail is a classic Shirley Temple. I remember ordering Shirley Temples when I was a kid when I wanted to look fancy out to dinner with my family. It's the classic sugar high.

A Shirley Temple Please

I love the classic Shirley Temple: ginger ale, grenadine, and maraschino cherries. Now that I'm legal I sometimes add a little bourbon or Irish whiskey but it's a great mocktail for a party. I have fond memories of ordering Shirley Temples when I was out to dinner with my family growing up. It made me feel so cool and fancy. It's really just a sugar high but still! Perfect for when you want to provide a non-alcoholic option for your guests at your party. You can fill a punch bowl or serve it like you serve wine during dinner. It's simple, easy, and so perfectly sweet. I prefer mine poolside on a beautiful summer's day but I'll take it any way I can get it!

Kombucha me Crazy

Not only is Kombucha a great drink to help with your gut health but it also can be a great way to enjoy a mocktail. I like to drink my kombucha either straight or mixed with lemon or lime and a little sparkling water. This helps deal with the severity of the taste but also make it a fun choice. You can put it in a little wine glass and garnish with fruit or citrus. You make it your own and not only are you taking care of your body but you are also having a cocktail. The slight bit of alcohol won't get you drunk but it can be a great way to have a cocktail option for yourself or your guests who don't want to drink but want to feel a part of the group. Often times I see mocktails that focus too much on recreating a cocktail and less on the flavors. Using kombucha gives you flavor and carbonation.

Gin and Tonic Sans Gin

When you want to provide a delicious mocktail or non alcoholic option, you need to focus on flavors. Like I did with this tonic cocktail, I muddled blackberries with lemon juice and then added the tonic. The combination of the sour lemon and the sweet blackberry makes a perfect balance and easy sipping for yourself and your guests. I love to mix fruit and citrus with my drinks. I prefer that balance and you have to find yours! Mocktails can be just as fun as cocktails if you follow the same rules! Balance, preparation, and party!

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