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Health Goths live forever

I am a total health goth. I love my cocktails and my wine but I also need to do yoga and run to feel completely whole. To me the balance of exercise and pleasure is vital to my mental health. I got into running as a way to relieve stress and feel confident. I'm a three times a week runner whose goal is to make it to nine miles each time (a goal not a reality). Yoga I love for the stretching but also I love going to the studio and sweating it out with a group of people also struggling. Yoga has given me a sense of community and also helped me to understand my body's limitations and helped me to calm down. I like to do hot yoga at least once a week (coronavirus has negated that but hopefully I will sometime soon) and then do some vinyasa and kundalini yoga twice a week. The balance between different days helps me to stretch and not get bored with working out.

For me working out is essential. I can tell when I'm feeling frustrated or angry. I really get cranky when I don't have my workouts. I also feel stronger and more fit when I do it. So I may take breaks but I always go back to it. My other favorite way to work out is horseback riding. I rode as a kid and just recently got back into it. There's nothing better than just enjoying a nice ride on a beautiful day. I hope that I will own a horse soon and then have even more reason to stay with it.

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