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Fitness Freaks

There are group of people that are freaks. They are specifically fitness freaks. Nothing stops them. They will workout, they will be skinnier than you, and they will flaunt it. There are also the fitness freaks called Health Goths. Health Goths are individuals who follow the all black wardrobe and goth sensibility but also workout like a boss and enjoy athleisure. Health Goths are a subset of fitness freaks that have come out of the importance of style when comparing different fitness focused people.

So how do you know you are a fitness freak or a health goth? Take a look at your wardrobe. Do you have specific workout clothes for different workouts? Do you always schedule your workouts on the daily? Do you enjoy feeling incredibly fit and powerful? Do you want to answer all those questions with a yes? Then I think you are on the way to becoming a fitness freak. If you also wear all black all the time with your workouts then you are entering into the health goth subgroup.

There's nothing wrong with loving your workouts. We all enjoy a little endorphin rush. It's fun to feel good. In order to be a fitness freak, you need to isolate how you like to do fitness. Are you a yogi? A pilates wannabe? A crazy runner? Find your favorite workouts and then just dive into them. Become a fanatic. Get pumped for each workout and feel excited about them. Be a freak and let your freak flag fly.

I'm personally not a dancer like Wednesday here but I love that she loves to move. You have to enjoy what you do in order to be a real freak about it. She clearly is having the best time. So let us all be freaks and have fun! And also on the real it is also not required to be a fitness freak to enjoy your workouts or even to hate them so much that you keep doing them. I personally mix between loving them heavily and also hating them with an intense passion. That's how I let my freak flag fly.

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