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Fit Me into Fitness

It can be hard maintaining a routine. It's a weird, strange time where our days are not necessarily our days. Sometimes I find my life run by my dogs and sometimes I just don't know what to do. I find that being accepting myself when I don't have a great day or have a bit of a lazy day. I know that I can and will get back to it.

Perfection is never the goal. The goal is to enjoy the process. So taking some time to do some self care and add in some workouts to your life. My favorite way to do so is to put it in my schedule. I have a planner that I write things out on which helps me to make sure I'm balanced with my work and my workouts/self-care. It also keeps me accountable to myself. I have to look at the schedule every day and think about how I can manage multiple things at once.

Everyone has their thing. Maybe you are a scheduler like me or maybe you like to just get in the mood for the day and see what you want to do. We all have to simply listen to ourselves and get into the shape that we want to be in. There's no shame in anyone's game because we are all on our own journey. Once you find your vibe with self-care, it's easy to make a part of your life. Like brushing your teeth, it becomes a habit. These habits are necessary for your health and balance.

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