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Feeling my fit self

As I deal with my coronavirus anxiety, I have found myself getting more confident in my fitness aesthetic. I used to flip flop between different workouts and weight groups. I would get all into one activity and then lose complete interest in a couple weeks later. I struggled to maintain my motivation and interest. I found that I needed to balance out my workouts so things stayed interesting and didn't make me stagnant.

I find that when I mix it up and especially when I include my dogs I'm more likely to hit my goals. I like to take short runs/jogs with my bigger dog when it's nice outside. It's great for both our anxieties and I also don't feel bad when I take my longer runs by myself. The balance also helps me stretch out my legs while not murdering them with runs every day. I tend to get the most pain in the calves and feet when I've done my runs so it's important to stretch and keep my muscles moving while not as much reliance and weight being spread on my feet. I find stretching and yoga to be great when they are especially tight. I throw in a little yoga on rainy days or when I just don't want to run. It's important to listen to your body in whatever state you are in. Don't force yourself to go for that run if you would feel better walking or need an easy day. Your body needs to be pushed but also can signal you when it needs to rest.

Rest is definitely key when changing your workout routine and sticking to a routine. You have to rest your body so you can be your best. The biggest key for rest is to stretch and to sleep. You need sleep for your body to recharge. You need to stretch so your muscles can relax and alert if anything is stressed. Stretching before bed can also prepare your body for sleep and relaxation. Even a few simple moves or sitting in child's pose is helpful to let your mind and body relax and release. It alerts your body to slow down and take a moment. It's like saying "hey we are going to bed now". A bedtime routine is great to signal yourself into a relaxing mindset. I like to have a cup of tea and do a face mask to calm myself down and set my body up for sleep. This helps me to also reduce my TV time and phone time. My brain isn't constantly analyzing new information and instead is focusing on simple tasks. Your bedtime routine is your choice but it never hurts to take some time with it.

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