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Facial me a Facial Roller

Facial rollers were one of my new year, new me ideas. They seemed like a great way to ease into the day and calm down from the day. Basically the skincare ritual of my morning and evening tea. I looked at a couple different options when considering rollers to purchase. I decided on two a Rose Quartz and a Black Obsidian. The Black Obsidian roller is perfect for warming the face in the morning and the Rose Quartz will help to cool my skin in the evening. I'm going to try them out for a month in addition to my skincare routine and see what happens.

I start the morning with my usual routine and then roll my face with the Black Obsidian roller. This roller is supposed to warm the face and wake you up slowly. So far I have to say I like the slight warming effect and the way that I feel a little more awake. I'm hoping that I will see a difference in my skin and also understand the process a bit more.

At night I use the Rose Quartz which is supposed to cool my skin and also help with any anxiety that comes through my skin. I really hope this product works to help my skin calm down at night. I think adding the extra step to my routine will help me to take time for myself and work on staying relaxed before bed.

So far after a week, I have noticed the cool touch of the rollers on my face. It helps me to relax and definitely slows me down in the morning and at night. I think this is a good way to start and end my day and help me to take time for myself and be open to the day. It makes me not rush myself and instead leads me to think that skincare is more like a time to take for yourself. I also noticed this change has made me think about how I treat my skin and made me remember what I liked about doing face masks and treating myself. I definitely will continue to use the rollers and help myself to more skincare practice. It is important for my self-care and my own skincare ritual.

I'm still looking to add more to my routine in total and figure out my best schedule. I have decided that I need to add baths as well. At least once a week to just have some time where I let my body recover and help me to fall asleep deeply. I have found that doing some light stretching and meditation helps me to sleep and I want to try to meditate in the bath and see the impact. I have heard that this will also help my muscles relax and prevent any pains or muscle tension.

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