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Exercise with your animals

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

I find that my animals can be the number way to start my day with exercise. I start my day walking my dog before either of us have breakfast and it makes both of us better for the rest of the day. We burn off some fat before we eat some yummy food. This helps me to keep my weight and also just puts me in a great mood. Sometimes I'll listen to podcasts or music and other times, I just walk and enjoy the noise of the neighborhood. It got me thinking about how your animals can be the best way to make your whole day active.

Not only are dog walks, but also playtime can be an effective way to break up your day. Since most of us are still working from home, our pets are our work colleagues and best friends. (Kind of the best, right?) I love when I'm having a writing block or need to think about a process or contract before I submit it, to just take some time away from the desk. Maybe give a belly rub or throw a toy around. This also helps me to stand up, get moving, and clear the world away for a moment. This is important for our mental health.

Everyone knows the benefits of animals and their continued care of us humans as a source of undying love and affection. Our love for animals also helps us with creating relationships, maintaining a sense of calm, and having something that just thinks you are the greatest is a real confidence boost. When we take time for ourselves throughout the day, even for a moment, we are helping our mental and emotional health. In a time where you have limited social engagement and social interaction, pets have served as a lifeline for individuals. Which is why I say why don't we use them to engage with our physical health?

Obviously the type of pet limits it's physical ability but maybe it is the first step to seeing how you may add in a little physical activity within your day. Perhaps you don't have a dog that you can go run around with but maybe you could t think about how you can make some time for a little physical pet time. Once you are already up, why don't you try to extend that activity? Just a thought I had, tell me yours in the comments!

My baby doesn't love her walks every day (especially when it's raining or snowing) but she will do it. She will just make it as slow as possible.

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