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Christmas Cocktail Season

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

This holiday season I'm making my usual Christmas cocktail. It's a gin fizz cocktail that I make a pitcher of the gin and then let everyone decide the balance they want. This year I decided to switch up my recipe with additional flavors.


2 cups of Gin

2 oranges

1 lemon

1 cup of Cranberry simple syrup

Two twigs of Thyme

Ginger Ale (As the mixer)

Recipe: First make the cranberry Simple syrup. On the stove you heat one cup water, one cup sugar, and one cup of cranberries. You heat this on medium until the cranberries pop. Then you strain out the cranberries and cool down your simple syrup. Once you have the simple syrup in a container, add the thyme to the mixture. I have found it is best to make the simple syrup hours before I finish the recipe so it is not hot (even helps to refrigerate for a bit). It also gives the thyme some time (lol). Once your syrup is done and cooled, you can build the rest of the cocktail. In a glass pitcher, slice and muddle two oranges. I like to slice them up and add them in to muddle but you can do one at a time with the orange then the next. Then slice the lemon and add the slices. Give that a good muddle. Then add your gin. Then add the cranberry simple syrup while straining out the thyme. Stir the mixture before letting it sit in the refridgerator for a few hours (or til serving).

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