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Books and Booze: Mariah is calling

Another week another book! I'm legit proud of myself. This week I'm reading up on the great the Mariah Carey and of course celebrating with a champagne cocktail. This one adds lemon, blood orange, and gin to update the classic French 75.

Mariah's Moment

Champagne Cocktail


2 oz Gin

1 oz Blood Orange juice

1 oz Meyer Lemon juice

1 oz Champagne

One Sugar Cube

Garnish: Mariah's book obviously

Recipe: In a champagne flute glass, place a sugar cube at the bottom. In a cocktail shaker with ice, pour gin, blood orange juice, and Meyer lemon juice. Give it a nice shake and pour into the flute glass. Top with Champagne. If you want a lighter cocktail, reduce the gin and increase the champagne. If you want to make it a mocktail, replace the gin and champagne with tonic water.

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