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Autumn Leaves keep me going

When it comes to fall weather, I get whole body tingles. My favorite time of year always gets me out of that summer rut. I start putting on my cool weather workout clothes and enjoy the vibe. My runs get longer, my hot yoga class doesn't feel as miserable, and it's not as dusty in the ring when I ride my horse. When it comes to changing it up for the fall weather workout season, I have a few tips to keep you motivated and engaged while also enjoying all the candy and treats that come with the beautiful fall weather.

Tip Number 1: Get your workout set up for the week then move on from then. This is a very simple step. Just get yourself in the motivation to do a week's worth of exercise and see how you like it. It's a simple step that puts you in the best mood and also sets you up for success.

Tip Number 2: Make it spooky and have a little fun! My favorite thing about the fall weather is the addition of spooky season. When you add a little spooky touch either to your wardrobe or your music, add a little spooky to get into the fall vibe. It makes the workouts fun and exciting and also changes up your motivation.

My last and final tip: Enjoy your candy! Get on the candy and treat motivation schedule. I love to balance out my love of candy and treats in the fall with my workout schedule. This way I don't feel bad about eating all the delicious food and binge watching all the horror movies.

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