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A mocktail so right it's wrong

I've tried to at least have one sober day a week (where I don't celebrate my cocktail abilities). This week I'm trying something that elevates sparkling water more than when it comes flavored individually. I want something that can go into a fancy glass and actually feel like a step up. This next level drink is perfect for when you want to have a sober day or when you want your sober friend or family to have fun too. Everyone deserves a fancy drink. This week I'm stepping up my mocktail vibes with some of my favorite ingredients: lemon and ginger.

She's Spicy but not Too Much



3 oz (Or to taste) Grapefruit Sparkling Water

1/2 oz Lemon Juice

Three to four small slices of Ginger (know yourself and how much ginger you and your guests can handle)

Recipe: First slice up some ginger (I like to put them in little chunks so that the ginger flavor gets more intense as they sit). Put the ginger in the glass then the lemon juice and the sparkling water. This cocktail benefits from letting the ingredients hang out with each other. I serve it in a coupe glass for two reasons: One) it looks pretty and Two) It makes the ginger float around and not be too heavy on the nose. What you get is a simple drink that looks fancy and also plays around with flavors.

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