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A little Spirits to Lift your Spirits

My friend gave me this cocktail mix set and for weeks I debated what I wanted to do with it. Part of me thought, let's do a mocktail series. Another thought, how about a cocktail playground? Then I moved into my new apartment and I realized a pitcher cocktail that I can whip up easily is perfection. Something that makes it easy when people visit and also when I'm super lazy before I go into a new Netflix hole. For this adventure, I decided to soak it in gin and see what I could make. A spritz? A Gin and Tonic? A Negroni? There are quite a few possibilities available. And that to me is the most fun! You can really play around and change it up. To start, I decided to make the batch and then try out a nice G & T so I could taste the flavors of the gin and be better prepared to try something new in the next one.

Something about that Gin

gin and tonic


2 oz Gin

3 oz Tonic

1/2 oz Lemon

Garnish: Lemon Wedge

Recipe: First things first, pour the gin out of the mixture it's been sitting in. Then pour your amount out for the cocktail into a highball glass. Add the lemon juice. Then go with the tonic water. Stir it up by moving the glass around in your hand. Enjoy! It's simple and solid. Tasty situation.

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