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A little richness in your life

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

There's nothing I like more than rose in the summer. It just feels like summer, you know? For my weekend cocktail, I decided to up the ante and make it a frose cocktail. Nothing like some very cold alcohol! And adding in some gin, lime, and watermelon just makes it even more cool.

Apres de Riches

Rose cocktail

Ingredients (For a batch cocktail-six cocktails)

1 bottle of Rose

1/2 cup of Gin

1/4 of a Watermelon frozen

2 oz Lime Juice

Recipe: To freeze the watermelon, cut up a watermelon and then slice the watermelon into small cubes. Think like ice cubes and put it into a freeze safe bag or container and lay flat. It takes a couple hours for the watermelon to fully freeze so if you are looking for the cocktail to be served in the afternoon, start the freezing process in the morning. In a blender, blend all the ingredients until nice and frozen with a smoothie like texture. To serve the cocktail, you can just pour into whatever glassware (I prefer a stemless wine glass). The cocktail will split if you don't keep it mixing (the watermelon and lime juice will separate from the alcohol) so if you want to keep the cocktail together you have to have the mixer running. If you are planning to drink it over time, I would suggest keeping it refrigerated in between servings to keep the cocktail cool. This cocktail is perfect for a pool party, a tv marathon, or any summer event where you want to keep cool and have fun! If you want to lighten the cocktail, I would suggest adding some sparkling water. It makes more of a spritz and also keeps it fresh!

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