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A goth bath

My bath routine has layers to it. I need to first light a candle (preferably something that smells earthy like a flower candle mixed with wood) then I have to set the bath. I like to run the water really hot and pour in bubbles to make it nice to jump into. I will put on music and set out things I need to relax. I usually include tea or wine with my bath and set an intention. Does my mind need to relax? Does my body need the rest? What am I looking for from my bath experience?

A lot of times we can force ourselves into this belief that we have to do self-care. That we have to do the skincare routine, the detox, the whatever Instagram is selling us. That's just not realistic. Self-care should be about you and your needs. Do you like baths? Do you like to do a ten-step skincare routine? Or is it something that you bought into and now can't escape?

For me, I do a bath once a week with the intention of taking care of my body. But I'm not consistent. Sometimes I say I'm going to do it and then the time comes and I don't want to do all the effort. Sometimes I just want to wash off in the shower. Sometimes I find that the anxiety of having the perfect bath causes me more stress than is needed. When you preform self-care, you need to hear your own heart and thoughts. Self-care is about you. It's not what everyone else prescribes.

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