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A boozy dessert

I love me some oranges. I thought up on a friday, how can I make oranges better? I can submerge them in alcohol and then eat them with ice cream. I peeled two oranges and then poured Frangelico (almond liqueur) and Kahlua (rum and coffee liqueur) on top. It basically made the oranges swim in the loveliness. Then I covered the bowl and put them in the fridge for a few hours. I'm so excited to put them on top of some french vanilla ice cream. Because what is better than a boozy dessert to end your day?

It's going to be so boozy delicious. Basically I went for a half cup of Kahlua and a quarter cup of Frangelico. I want my oranges to soak up all the delicious flavor. I used two oranges for the soak. You need to balance the alcohol to the oranges. You don't want too much alcohol to take over because then you lose the orange flavor.

The important thing is to decide how long you want to soak. I try to do a bit longer so I made it in the afternoon for a late night snack. I also know that I'll eat some tonight and leave more to soak for the next day. This is going to be a bit more delicious.

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