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Thanksgiving means Fall Sangria

This is a go to. It's a perfect fall choice for the holidays. You can make it ahead and you can use it easily when you are doing all the cooking or helping with cooking. Or you want to leave it ready for when you get home.

Thanksgiving Sangria


One bottle of Spanish red wine

One cup of Brandy

One cup of pomegranate juice

One orange

One lime

One lemon

One small apple

One cup of cranberries

Recipe:Slice the orange, lemon, and lime into semi thick slices and muddle them in glass pitcher. Pour brandy and red wine. Stir. Pour pomegranate juice. Stir. Leave for at least an hour. Chop a small apple and place it and a cup of cranberries into the mixture. If you want to lighten it up, pour club soda over top the glass when you serve it. it goes great with thanksgiving dinner or if you are like me and thanksgiving is your least fave it goes great with potato chips.

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