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Savannah Vacay: Part Two

As I said, this vacation was just what I needed. From downtown to outside the town, I had a good time in Savannah. My second day in Savannah started out with a not so great rooftop brunch but it did improve after some walking around and ice cream at Leopold's. Downtown is fun for the walkability and that was amazing considering how hot it was.

My first suggestion is definitely Leopold's. Ice cream in the summer is amazing! It also always has a line but the ice cream makes it worth it. I got a two scoop with two different pecan ice creams. (If you don't love pecans, there are tons of other flavors). I would go early as possible so that the line is not crazy long but again with the summer heat, there is always a line.

After my pecan ice cream eating, we took a break and planned out the rest of the night. We had a couple cocktail bars to hit up. First we went to the pool bar at the hotel to have a chill start (I told you about the hangover right?).

I decided to keep Spritzing at an early dinner so that I started on a light foot. After some food, we went to Savoy in downtown. Savoy had great cocktails and a fun vibe that was mostly because the bar staff were so fascinating to stare at.

The next day was our little trip around the hood on a trolley tour. We started out with brunch at Common Restaurant which was amazing and they have a great happy hour special with very cheap oysters.

After being on a trolley for the whole day, we went to one of my favorite spots from Downton. Traylor Park Hitch had great cocktails, friendly staff and Steel Magnolias playing on the TV. Can you say perfect? It was a great way to spend a chill late afternoon/early evening.

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