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Savannah Part Three: Tybee Island

Nothing better than ending your vacation in a new place with a little beach vacay. I had a great time chilling and celebrating the holiday at the beach. Tybee Island was totally different than the Carolina beaches I spent my childhood at. I loved how chill the area was but it is not super walkable (especially in the crazy summer heat). I didn't do crazy amounts of cocktails during my tail end of vacation because hydration basically was my survival method and I spent most of my time on the beach.

Happy hour Sushi was surprisingly amazing. I wouldn't have thought of Tybee Island as having great sushi but it was legit. Also when it's really hot out, it's so great to eat something cold. Raw Ingredients is a hidden gem that surpasses the general belief in what you should eat when you are near the beach.

I went for a nice Strawberry mojito as my cocktail of choice. I liked that it was refreshing and tasty. This beach bar/restaurant was right next to our hotel and had the most massive salads and great service. Thank you Pier 16! Also highly suggest dining early cause it's right near the beach and it can get crazy crowded.

The Beach! It has a nice low tide and high tide and the water was perfectly cold. Lots of people enjoyed the beach, we got there and immediately set up early. My last piece of vacation advice, have a cooler stocked with all the drinks. It's important to stay hydrated and protected from the sun.

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